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Transcripts/Digital Copies of Proceedings


Persons wanting to order transcripts (not court ordered) should first contact a Michigan certified reporter, recorder, or voice writer.  The State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) maintains a list of certified and registered reporters, recorders, and voice writers.  It may be viewed at:


Once you have contracted with a certified reporter, recorder, or voice writer and informed them of the specific hearing you wish to have transcribed, they may contact the Records Unit of the Washtenaw County Trial Court at (734) 222-3024 to request a digital copy of the proceedings to be transcribed.

Fees for the preparation of transcripts are set by state statute and are payable to the reporter, recorder, or voice writer. 


Copies of recordings of court proceedings made pursuant to MCR 8.108 are available for purchase.  The fee, per medium that the proceedings are copied from, is as follows:

CD from the current digital audio/video recording system                 $20/per CD

VHS tape (previous recording system) to CD                                     $20/VHS Tape

Copy of analog audio tape (cassette)                                                    Not Available*

The court does not have the technology to reproduce analog audio tapes.)

Persons seeking to purchase a copy of an electronic record of court proceedings should complete the courtís Request for Audio/Visual Recording form and provide all required information in identifying the specific proceedings requested.  Payment must be made in full prior to any copy being made.  Refunds will not be provided for any copies made from the requesters misidentified proceedings.  Upon request and payment in full, copies will be completed and mailed, or available for pickup, within five (5) business days.