Washtenaw County Trial Court
101 E. Huron St., PO Box 8645
Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8645
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Divorces are handled in the Family Division of the Washtenaw County Trial Court. A principal component of the jurisdiction of this court is hearing and deciding issues related to the termination of marriages. These can be marriages with or without minor children.

Parties to a divorce case are required to attend a mediation education meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to explain the option of mediation in divorce cases. Many people believe that mediated solutions in divorce cases assist the parties by allowing them to, in effect, create their own solutions, rather than have solutions ordered or imposed upon the parties by a court.

Because of the complexity of most divorce cases where children or property are involved, it may be advisable to contact an attorney. Those wishing to proceed without an attorney may call the Eastern Michigan University Legal Resource Center.

Individuals that proceed as unrepresented and are involved in an uncontested divorce must complete the steps outlined in the checklists below before a judgment of divorce will be granted. All items outlined should be completed and brought to the court on the date of the divorce hearing as instructed.

Domestic Relations Resources

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