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Family Bench Book -- Consent Judgment of Divorce

Requirements for Consent Judgment of Divorce

Time Requirements

  • DO Judgment may not be entered until 60 days or more after filing of complaint.
  • DM Judgment may not be entered until 6 months after filing of complaint.
  • The Court may accelerate the entry of a judgment after 60 days has passed if the criteria in MCR 3.210(A)(2) are met.
  • Praecipe must be filed with Central Assignment 7 days prior to the pro con hearing.


Original Judgment shall contain original signatures of both parties and Counsel, if any.


  • Friend of the Court:
  1. Must approve all DM Judgments.
  2. Must approve DO judgment only if alimony is ordered.
  3. Will assign (stamp) judgment fee paid at Court Services.
  • Prosecuting Attorney:
  1. Must approve all DM Judgments, or any Judgment with an issue or potential issue of paternity, e.g. where the wife is now pregnant or where a claim is made that a child is not the result of the marriage.
  2. Must complete checklist form available at Prosecutor’s office.


  • Paid at Clerk’s Office--Court Services.
  • Fee Schedule:
    1. DM with no Friend of the Court recommendation or mediation - $30.00.
    2. DM with Friend of the Court mediation - $50.00.
    3. DM with Friend of the Court recommendation - $70.00.
    4. DO - no fees.


  1. Record of Divorce or Annulment in red ink.
  2. Attachments, such as settlement agreement, QDRO, QMCSO, signed in original.
  3. DM - extra copy of Judgment and above attachments for Friend of the Court.