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Personal Protection Orders

A Personal Protection Order, or PPO, is an order issued by the Circuit Court. It may protect you from being hit, threatened, harassed, or stalked by another person. The PPO may also stop someone from coming into your home or bothering you at work. It can stop them from buying a firearm or finding your address through school records. It can also stop them from taking your minor children unless required by the court.

To obtain a PPO:

  • Come to the main PPO/Domestic Court Services Office office
  • Bring any documents and three (3) copies of each (police reports, email, messages, letters, etc.)
  • Fill out forms and follow instructions

The State Court Administrator's Office (SCAO) has a complete list of approved PPO forms.

A Safehouse advocate is available in the courthouse to assist in the filing of Domestic Relationship PPOs for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Their telephone number is (734) 222-3381 or (734) 973-0242 ext. 211.

Michigan Legal Help (MichiganLegalHelp.org) has further information and checklists to assist you in completing forms.


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