Friend of the Court
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Friend of the Court

The Friend of the Court (FOC) is a statutorily created agency of the Circuit Court, which assists the court with its domestic relations docket. The Friend of the Court assists the court by helping resolve domestic relations disputes, and enforcing the court's orders for custody, parenting time, and support as outlined below.

Friend of the Court Duties:

  1. When parents cannot agree, or when directed by the judge, to conduct investigations and make reports and recommendations to the court regarding:
    • Custody
    • Parenting time (which may include transportation)
    • Amount of child support (including medical support and/or spousal support)
  2. To offer mediation, when both parents agree to participate, as an optional way of settling disagreements over custody or parenting time of children.
  3. To collect, record, and send out all support payments as ordered by the court.
  4. To provide enforcement services on all custody, parenting time, and support orders entered by the court. 

Access to Support Cases:

Parties with FOC support cases can access their account information online by signing up with MiCase www.michigan.gov/micase. Click on the link to register. After you register you will be sent a password through the US mail within 10 days. You can then get your current account information online, including any information available through the IVR plus additional account history information.