Washtenaw County Trial Court
101 E. Huron St., PO Box 8645
Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8645
(734) 222-3270
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Trial Court Administration Overview

The judges of the Trial Court, led by Chief Judge David S. Swartz, rely upon the Trial Court Administrator, Dan Dwyer, and his staff to oversee and manage all the non-judicial functions of the Court. These activities include caseflow and jury management; human resources; budgeting and finance; purchasing; space management; community and media relations; liaison with other governmental entities at the state and local level; and technology development, implementation and use. The Court Administrator works closely with the judges in defining the Court's goals and objectives, developing short and long-term strategic plans, and designing management strategies to meet the needs of the public and the Court.

The administration of the Washtenaw County Trial Court includes several professional court managers who serve as heads of important divisions or work units:

Robert Carbeck, as the Deputy Court Administrator-Referee, serves alongside the Court Administrator and oversees budget and fiscal operations. 

Megan Ivey serves as the Deputy Trial Court Administrator for Court Services and IT, responsible for all clerical activity in the Civil/Criminal, Juvenile, Probate and Domestic/PPO areas of the Trial Court and IT services at the courthouse. 

Linda Edwards-Brown serves as the Juvenile Court Administrator, responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the Juvenile Court.

Judah Garber serves as the Friend of the Court Administrator, overseeing daily operations.

Molly Schikora serves as the Probate Register / Referee.