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Local Administrative Orders

0The following list consists of some of the Local Administrative Orders (LAO) issued by the Washtenaw County Trial Court.  Only current orders are listed along with their effective dates.



Effective Date:

2017-06J 2018 Holiday Schedule 01/1/2018
2017-04P Authority For Probate Register To Perform Judicial Acts 08/07/2017
2017-04 MAACS Regional Pilot Project 06/16/2017
2017-03J Social Security # Redaction 04/17/2017
2017-02J Access, Inspection, Reproduction, And Creation of Court Records 02/13/2017
2017-01J Case Assignment 01/03/2017
2016-10J Business Court 12/26/2016
2016-09J 2017 Holiday Schedule 01/01/2017
2016-07J Business Hours and Hours of Operation for WCTC 03/14/2016
2015-10J Downtown Courthouse Security Policy 01/01/2016
2015-07J Requests for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities 11/09/2015
2015-08J Plan for the Operation of the Washtenaw County Trial Court Family Division 11/06/2015
2015-06J Family Division Juvenile Attorney Appointment Procedure 11/01/2015
2015-05J Contract Attorney and Felony Indigent Defense Attorney Appointment Procedure 11/01/2015
2015-03J Caseflow Management Plan 09/10/2015
2014-01J Veteran's Treatment Court 05/19/2014
2013-05J Language Access Plan 01/07/2014
2009-04J Juvenile Drug Court 06/01/2009
2008-04P Plan for appointment of Counsel for Indigent Parties in Probate Court 12/18/2008
2007-11J FOC Referee In Pro Per Hearings LAO 05/30/2007
2006-02J Mediation 06/21/2006
2004-03 Remote Hearings on Support, Parenting Time Enforcement and Bench Warrants 04/19/2004
2004-02D Concurrent Jurisdiction Plan 02/05/2004
2004-02D Concurrent Jurisdiction LAO cover 02/05/2004
2003-08D Transfer of Bank Accounts Funds to MiSDU 08/01/2003
2003-03D Appellate Counsel Appointment Juvenile Center 04/01/2003
2003-02D Plan for Children Absent Without Legal Permission 02/27/2003
2002-12D Case Evaluation Committee Terms of Service and Appointments 12/31/2002
2002-09D Preliminary Examination Transcript Preparation and Filing 12/01/2002
2001-08D Alternative Dispute Resolution Plan 08/01/2001
2001-04D Waiver of Traffic Civil Infractions Where Defendant is a Juvenile 04/16/2001
2001-03D Selecting Case Evaluators and Case Evaluation Panels 01/01/2001

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